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By Hannah Phillips


A gran has admitted she’s having more and better sex than she did in her twenties after two failed marriages – and has had a NAUGHTY ANGEL tattooed on her bum to celebrate.

Mandy Jones, 59, claims her sex life is better than ever after meeting HGV driver partner Andrew Clayden, 52, online in 2007, and the pair have since christened every room in her house in Runcorn, Cheshire – including the greenhouse.

The retired social worker and mum-of-three had almost given up on love and enjoying intercourse following divorces in 1992 and 2006 but decided to try dating sites on a whim and went on dozens of dates before meeting Andrew.

But gran-of-two Mandy said since getting together with her current beau she has discovered she has a whole new naughty side – marking her newfound sexuality with an inking of a ‘sl*tty angel’ on her bum cheek.

She said: “Since the age of 50, I have finally become a sexual woman.

“When Andrew and I met he said he wanted me to have the most and the best sex I’d ever had in my life.

“Now, I’m doing things I never would have done before.

“In my first marriages, I had stepchildren so it was all about putting them first.

“But there are no boundaries now so it’s more exciting – if we want to walk around the house in the nude we will.

“I feel free and relaxed and when you’re post-menopausal, anything goes.

“We’ve christened every room in the house, including the greenhouse.

“He promoted that naughty side in me. I wouldn’t have got a tattoo without him.

“I always wanted a tattoo but I didn’t know what and he suggested a sl*tty angel because I’m mumsy and caring but he’s brought out another side of me.”

Mandy first married at the age of 26 but the marriage broke down five years later, before her second husband left her without warning in 2006.

She then spent one year exploring the online dating scene – going on dozens of dates – before meeting Andrew the following year.

The mum-of-three said: “When I started online dating, I’d never even heard of sexting and I’ve never had anyone asking for photos of my bits before.

“It was a different world.

“I couldn’t believe the attention I was getting but I definitely enjoyed it. It gave me a massive confidence boost.

“One man asked for a pic of my t*ts so I sent him a photos of my knees, but he obviously wasn’t a joker.

“I had some horror story dates too though.

“One man sent me a photo of himself from a distance and when he turned up he was so smelly so I went to the toilet and made my daughter call me with an emergency.

“My kids applaud me because I don’t take any cr*p anymore – I’ve become feisty.

“My ex-husbands should have been grateful I was on their arm. I wouldn’t put up with their behaviour now.”

Mandy now wants to encourage other women over 50 to experiment with their love lives unashamedly and refuse to give up on looking for love.

She has a newfound confidence in herself, which she puts down to her experience with dating in her 50s so far.

Mandy plans to take her newfound sexuality into her sixties and says you’re never too old to find love.

She has spoken out after new research from SunLife found one in 10 over 50s and one in five over 70s claim they’re having more sex now than they did when they were younger.

Mandy said: “We are so compatible in that way because we’re considerate of each other so if I want to dress up I will and if I don’t want to dress up I won’t.

“We’ve had our rows and our trials and tribulations but we have fun and we balance each other out.

“I’d laugh if my arse was on fire and he’s more serious.

“We’ll be lying in bed and the smallest thing will make us laugh like a couple of kids.

“It was meant to be.

“I also have body confidence for the first time ever.

“I’m carrying more weight than usual but I’ve accepted that’s just me.”

The SunLife study found while some people might think their love lives will slow down as they get older, more than half of over-70s surveyed (54 per cent) said they enjoy sex more as they did in their twenties, while one in 30 randy OAPs are getting down and dirty more than 20 times a month.

It also revealed one in five over 50s feel more confident on the dating sign than they did in their youth.

And over-50s are even going on more dates than their younger counterparts – an average of seven a month.

SunLife marketing director Ian Atkinson said: “Our research shows that most single people in their 50s, 60s and 70s are feeling pretty confident, with many saying they feel more confident about dating now than they did when they were younger.

“Our research shows love and relationships can be even better in later life, and with more people over 50 feeling confident about dating, it is never too late to find ‘the one’.”


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