Animals Video

By Mike Jones


These pups are wannabe models and were happy to pose up playing with bubbles.

Holly Blair, 33, and Johnathan Ball, 38, a photographer and artist came up with the idea and photographed the dogs over the course of past year in their studio in Toronto, Canada.

Holly, a photographer and dog walker, said: “When we decided to start photographing dogs we wanted to do something unique.

“Something that would capture the curiosity and playfulness that dogs so easily exude but that hasn’t been done much before-after some creative brainstorming I had the thought of incorporating something whimsical like bubbles with the dogs and capturing their reactions to them.

“Each time shooting these images was a blast, it was interesting to see how differently each pup responded to the bubbles

“We want our clients/and dog owners to be able to look at the images and feel like it truly represents their beloved furry ones.

“While it’s incredibly hard to pick, I think my favourite ones are the ones we did with Maxie the cockapoo with the pink background as it was our first shoot, we had no idea how it was going to go, and they turned out so well.

“Having an idea come to fruition better than you even imagined is such a cool experience.

“As someone who cares for and interacts with dogs on a daily basis as well as someone who takes lots of photos of them I’ve definitely learned some ways of getting their character captured on camera-it’s a combination of energy, intuition, playfulness and maybe a few tasty treats.”