Life Offbeat Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A mum-of-one has amazed her young Harry Potter loving daughter – by handcrafting a bedroom from recycled and left over materials to match the wizarding world.

With a sorting hand made from bandages and a golden snitch made from left over Ferrero Rocher packages, it’s hard to picture any of six year old Sophie Molyneaux’s bedroom accessories could ever have been rubbish to throw away.

Creative mum, Jo Milligan, 37, spent roughly two weeks on the project, showing Sophie little bits at a time, as they were completed.

Jo said: “Sophie is absolutely Harry Potter mad and I had rough ideas of what I wanted to create.

“But it looked amazing by the time I was finished – Sophie was absolutely delighted.

“I’m pretty into crafting and these things always end up over the top in my house.

“From the large mural on one wall, to platform 9 3/4 on another, I was busy upcycling and crafting.

“I had lights coming from a wand with ‘expecto patronum’ written on another.

“I even added little things like a broomstick from roof, and an owl in cage.

“I even hung envelopes from the ceiling, just like in the series.

“One of the most complex things I did that was probably my favourite was the desk – it took ages to stick all the layers of book pages on, but in the end, the effect was definitely worth it!”

Jo’s projects within the room included a side table made by covering charity shop books in brown paper, drilling through them and inserting a metal road to add a wooden top.

Another more complex piece was the Hogwarts sorting hat, made from Plaster of Paris bandages and cardboard, with the crafty mum using her hands to shape it, and to then hand-paint it.

Jo added: “I loved doing it and Sophie was absolutely delighted.

“It was a bonus that I managed to do it all for around £100 as it really was lots of work and lots of change.

“I also painted the Gryffindor crest on the wall because I know – Harry is Sophie’s absolute favourite and she had to be in the same house as him!”




Paint,handles, and glass top for desk  £50

Paint for walls £30

Books and other small pieces £40