Offbeat Video

By Jessica Testa


Watch as this adorable bearded dragon successfully slides down a flight of stairs for the first time on his own.

His owner Shirley Laband said four-year-old Spike is a natural climber and figured out how to climb down the stairs of their Seattle home all by himself.

Spike is not usually allowed on the hardwood floors due to the danger of slipping unless he is being supervised.

Shirley describes Spike as “very territorial” which is why he tends to bob his head up and down a lot.

She said: “He’s been on the stairs with close supervision but this was the first time he decided to slide down.

“He loves climbing his favourite chair by the window in the living room for the past several years so when I put him on the stairs, he naturally knew how to climb down.

“When I was videotaping, I thought he would bob his head while sitting there but he had other plans and decided to come down instead.”