Life Video

By Jack Mobley

This hilarious fail clip shows a man riding a bike inside a metro train carriage, which eventually leads to a broken window.

21-year-old student, Olav Anker Jessen from Copenhagen, was travelling home in the early hours of Thursday October 8 when he was confronted by a man wanting to ride his bicycle.

When the train stopped at a station, Olav allowed this man to look over and then ride the bike, however the train began to depart resulting in a loss of traction and control of the bike.

It slid and the rider went directly into a one-inch thick window, shattering the entire pane.

At the next station, the tipsy rider made a way for the exit while Olav was hysterically laughing at what had just happened but was soon met by a conductor that was not best pleased, however Olav did not suffer any consequences.

Olav said: “The guy in the blue shirt wanted to ride my bike inside the metro and I told him it’s cool, since the metro had been waiting for 15 at the station.

“A moment later, the metro starts driving and I tell the guy not to ride it (it’s an expensive bike, and I had a buyer for it the next day, so I was scared) but he doesn’t hesitate, and get’s on the bike.

“The rest is history: the glass wall was 1” thick, no kidding, and the old guy with grey/white hair just yelled “piiiiig” in danish.

“The bike-guy get’s up, get’s out of the metro (he hurt his shoulder a bit, but surprisingly not broken) and in walks a metro-conductor, looks me in the eyes, looks at the glass all over, and walks out again.

“I was laughing a lot, until the conductor walked in, and I suddenly stood there with evidence in my hands.”