Amazing Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto


A talented hand lettering artist has recreated a series of 3D logos of famous brands.

James Lewis, 24, is a graphic designer who specialises in hand lettering, a form of art which consists of drawing letters and words in different characters and styles.

James has worked with major companies such as Amazon, Samsung, Montblanc and Rolls-Royce on a range of letter-based projects, and is well-known on the Internet thanks to his 3D recreations of famous brands’ logos.

Whether it’s the latest Marvel movie’s logo or one of a popular snack, James will recreate it with perfect accuracy and with a stunning three-dimensional effect to it.

James, from Cardiff, Wales, said: “Over seven years ago my handwriting was terrible so I took up calligraphy as a fun hobby, to improve it.

“I was very impatient at the time, and instead of spending a few months learning one style of calligraphy, I bounced around learning as many different styles as I could, finally focusing on hand lettering.

“Having worked with letters for over seven years, learning the intricacies of calligraphy, lettering and type design, I now share my knowledge with the world by teaching workshops and public speaking.

“From San Francisco to Singapore, I have taught lettering all over the world, and met so many creative people who all share an interest in art, lettering and calligraphy.”