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By Lucy Harvey


This dog couldn’t look happier to celebrate his birthday – and he’s probably got more presents than you.

Leo the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel became an online celeb after his owner, Sasha Merritt, posted this adorable picture of him waiting to open his first birthday presents.

The pooch celebrated his big day at the family home in Worthing, West Sussex, where he received a stash of presents and even a pile of cards to open – along with TWO birthday cakes.


He even had a party with Sasha’s mum’s dogs.

Sasha forked out more than £150 on his birthday presents – which included a new bed, along with doggy chocolates and even a special bottle of bubbly.

She said: “As it was Leo’s first birthday we chose to spoil him with lots of presents, Leo’s main present was a large personalised bed.

“He also got a personalised lead and collar, personalised dog bowl, toy duck, toy crocodile, dog pawsecco, and loads of other treats.

“Leo woke up and had breakfast at our house, then we took all of his presents wrapped to my mum’s house to open with her dogs, Elvis, a cavalier King Charles spaniel and Bear, an old English bull dog. ”

After he had opened all of his presents and had a play with Elvis and Bear, Sasha and her partner Ciaran took Leo for a birthday walk down the beach.

Sasha added: “Leo had a wonderful day and enjoyed every part of it. Leo’s favourite presents would be probably his toy duck as he loved bringing it to us to play with him.

“People reaction to Leo’s birthday was incredible, we posted a few pictures on a dog site and his photos blew up really quick and he had a lot of comments wishing him happy birthday and how gorgeous he was and a lot of likes on the pictures too.”