Amazing Nature

By Lucy Harvey


In these series of stunning shots a baby whale amazes snorkelers by popping up to say hello.

Caught on camera by freediver  Erez Beatus, 45, in  Ha’apai, Tonga, the group of snorkelers are clearly surprised as a humpback whale breaks free of his pod to breach the surface.

Erez said, ” We floated on the surface as a mother rested below the surface while her baby occasionally came up to breathe.

“The interaction was very gently and relaxed so none of us was expecting it when suddenly the baby swam past me and breached right between me and one of the guests.

“The baby landed in a huge splash and kept breaching as it swam away from us.

“The mother joined her baby and after about 5 minutes of breathing and slapping, the pair resumed their rest a few hundred meters from us.

“The group was excited and a bit shaken as the breach happened right next to us.

“Usually we aim to be away from the whales jumping as even this baby is around five metres long and weighs around four tonnes!”