Life Video

By Jack Mobley


This adorable toddler was about to burst into tears but the opening of her favourite rap song got her dancing.

When Jazlyn Hightower’s daughter, Maddison, starts to cry, Jazlyn knows just the remedy and showed it this video.

Whilst at home in Georgia, Maddison began tearing up on February 4 but Jazlyn played ‘The Box’ by Roddy Ricch.

As soon as the opening plays, Maddison knew exactly what song it was and began dancing.

Maddison bops and bounces along to the tune as her mum encourages her.

Jazlyn said: “She was about to cry because I was playing music earlier and I turned it off I knew she was going to start dancing when I turned it back on that’s why I had my camera ready.

“That’s usually her favourite song she dances every time it comes on.

“I was actually really surprised because I knew she would dance just not the way that she did