Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This cute kitten is captivated by what is displayed on TV, pawing and paying close attention to it.

Laura Martins was trying to relax at home in Bristol with her cat, Sebastian, but he was more focused on what was on the television.

Sebastian is especially drawn to cooking shows as he thinks he can grab something to eat, in this case some baked treats on The Great British Bake Off, tapping and pawing at the screen.

The inquisitive feline also reacts to the popular game, Fortnite, as Laura tries to play but Sebastian jumps and gets in the way.

Laura said: “He loves to play with the TV when something is happening on it.

“It seems he loves cooking shows (anything that he can try to get his paws on to eat) and he always reacts to Fortnite even on a computer.

“He loves to watch screens and attacking anything on them.”