Life Video

By Ellie Duncombe


Incredible footage has emerged of Kazakhstan’s world-famous strongman performing an array of phenomenal feats.

The video shows four-time power exercise world champion Sergey Tsyrulnikov, 34, ripping thick books in half with his bare hands.

He can also be seen with his wrists bound by a large number of zip ties, only to use brute strength to break free.

Other videos featuring the Guinness world record holder include Sergey breaking out of a metal pair of handcuffs and using nothing but his flexing biceps to snap zip ties wrapped around his arms.

Sergey is known globally for other feats including bending a wrench and dragging trains along the tracks.

Now, he runs Kazakhstan’s first school of Isometric Gymnastics, and spends a lot of his time teaching thousands of students all over the world.

And he doesn’t intend to stop.

According to the man himself, there will soon be new feats and new world records, with Sergey hoping that his records will motivate and inspire as many people as possible to engage in power culture.