Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto and Randal Coombs


A photographer has created a series of stunning motion shots which show his girlfriend travelling across European cities.

Photographer Jonas Boardwalker, 27, from Prague, Czech Republic, has become well-known on the Internet thanks to his amazing motion shots.

Jonas uses a technique called hyperlapse, which consists of taking several stills pictures which are then edited together to create a video clip.

Most recently, Jonas created a series of these videos of his girlfriend Inga Shelest, 33, as she visited some of the most famous European cities, including Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Berlin.

Jonas said: “Just like all hyperlapses, mine are just a bunch of photos.

“I started making hyperlapses back in 2017, but it was only videos of buildings.

“The first hyperlapse with a human, let’s call it a ‘humanlapse’, I made in November 2018 in Berlin.

“I don’t enjoy the process of filming ‘humanlapses’ at all, it’s a hell of a job, people look at me and at the model like we are idiots.

“However, I always enjoy the result.”