Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This gender reveal didn’t quite go as expected since the pink confetti was swapped for gold confetti, leaving everyone baffled.

First time parents, Shannon, 24, and her husband Stephen Komagum, 24, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, couldn’t wait to pop the balloon and find out what they were expecting.

However, Shannon asked her uncle, Eddie Kidd, 38, to organise the gender reveal balloon, and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to prank the couple.

While Eddie did purchase a gender reveal balloon with the correct confetti inside, he also bought one containing gold confetti which he gave the couple first.

The couple were confused to see gold confetti covering the floor, wondering what it could mean.

Eddie later gave them the actual reveal balloon and they were delighted to find out they’re expecting a girl in July.

“I ordered a fake balloon online and bought some gold confetti from Tesco and filled it myself,” said Eddie.

“After the initial confusion and Shannon staring at Stephen in confusion, I joked that it must mean the baby is gender neutral and everyone laughed.

“After realising it was a prank they laughed, but Stephen didn’t hear me and while I was getting the real balloon he was kneeling down looking for a hidden blue or pink like it was a treasure hunt.

“Shannon told me later that she was thinking about what she was going to yell at the balloon maker.”