Life Video

By Jack Mobley


This is the moment a woman’s life was saved by a vigilant passerby – as he pulls her back from the path of an oncoming car.

Jacob Clouse had his dash cam running when it caught the life-saving act in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati on January 26.

The footage sees a woman step in front of the car, not paying attention to potential traffic but the man, Jacob’s neighbour, Criss, steps in at a critical moment.

He pulls her back to the pavement and to safety as a car passes by just seconds after the incident.

The two share a few words after the narrow escape and carry on as normal.

Jacob said: “My neighbour Criss was out walking and saw a girl who was distracted by her Cell phone.

“She attempted to cross the street when a car was coming by and that’s when Criss decided to react and stop her from getting struck.

“I was blown away, it was nice to see Criss thinking on his feet.

“The car may not have hit her but still his quick thinking saved her from a potentially disastrous situation.”