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Anjali Kakati has been feeding over 60 stray dogs at 10 different feeding points for the past nine years.

All while working a full time job at a multinational corporation in Delhi, India, and spending her own savings.

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Anjali’s journey started in 2006, when she adopted a stray she lovingly named Sweetie.

“I never had a dog before. But having one changes your entire perspective – after Sweetie I started to empathise with strays,” said 36-year-old Anjali.

She began by feeding dogs in her neighborhood and around her workplace by setting aside money from her salary.

“I used to take breaks during work to feed the dogs.”

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“It was heartbreaking because once you start feeding a stray they start to wait for you.”

But Anjali didn’t shy away from the commitment; instead she continued to establish more ‘feeding’ points.

“Eventually it was too much for me to handle alone so I hired a cook and driver to help with deliveries.”

“It’s been 9 years now. Food is carried out to 50 to 60 strays, everyday, without fail.”

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Anjali claims strays at her feed points are like family and she has a name for each dog.

Anjali hopes to keep developing her initiative, which she calls Each One Feed One, by purchasing an ambulance for strays.

“I do my best to help- recently one of the strays at a feeding point had broken his leg so I took him to the vet multiple times until his leg healed.”

“If one of your regular dogs is injured then you cannot let them be.”

Pic From Caters News

Anjali hopes to inspire other dog lovers to replicate her feeding model.