Amazing Nature

By Mikey Jones


Say cheese! This lucky diver managed to capture a photo of a lifetime – as a giant parrotfish swims alongside him before appearing to flash a toothy grin for the camera.

Photographer Rob White, 49, was thrilled to capture the happy guppy beaming away as the group of divers explored a shipwreck off the coast of Bali, Indonesia.

Rob said: “Although the presence of wildlife is never guaranteed, we were told that a school of Bumphead Parrotfish used the wreck as shelter during the night and we had the opportunity to see them if we were prepared to get up early and head out before sunrise.

“We hauled ourselves out of bed far earlier than normal and prepared our camera and dive gear before heading off on the short journey to the wreck.

“It looked like we were the only people to be doing so. We’d dived the wreck many times previously so we knew whereabouts we might encounter the fish but we had to approach with some caution so as not to spook the sleeping animals and send them scuttling off into the blue before they were properly ready to do so.

“We saw a couple of Bumpheads on our swim to the far end of the wreck and we took some photos but we were still looking for the main group.

“Eventually we encountered a group of seven fish that were staying close together and we managed to spend a considerable time with them.

“They didn’t seem too bothered by us but we were careful to respect their space and allow them to swim toward us rather than chasing them.

“The key to getting close seemed to be good buoyancy, calm and slow breathing and keeping as low as possible, along with a good deal of patience.”