Animals Video

By Neo Bye


It looks like the funny raccoon was a bit hungry and decided to break into a house through the cat door and steal some food.

In the video that was filmed last week, the smart raccoon can be seen peeping through the cat door, spotting some dog treats, smelling them and after deciding he liked them, breaking into the house and kept eating, directly from the bag.

Laura Bowman, 18, a student, from Nashville, Tennessee, USA, filmed the raccoon on the 21st of January at her home and said she wasn’t too bothered about sharing her dog’s food.

She said: “I wasn’t shocked when I saw the raccoon.

“It was eating our dog food- It didn’t stay long, maybe five minutes.

“We had the dog food outside the door before but it was eating from it so we brought it inside and then the raccoon decided to use the cat door.

“Nothing like this has happened to me before.”