Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment a sensible elephant breaks up a fearsome fight between two outraged ostriches.

In the Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, East Africa, two ostriches are locking feathers in the heat of an argument, but are soon brought to their senses by an unlikely hero.

While the sparring continues with a series of vicious kicks on April 18 2016, a huge bull elephant appears from nowhere and begins to approach the busted-up birds to get a better look at what’s causing the commotion.

As if saying ‘enough is enough’, the ivory-clad beast lets out an almighty trumpeting roar and begins to charge towards the squabbling pair, who sensibly disperse, bringing an abrupt end to their conflict.

Watching on in awe, Bob Scott, from Ontario, Canada, said: “To have a creature of that size and magnitude approach us was in itself awe inspiring and a privilege to witness.

“The elephant observed the fight for quite a while, but it seemed he’d seen enough and thought he’d better show them who’s really in charge.

“The ostriches didn’t go near each other after that, I think they knew what was good for them.

“It really was incredible to see these creatures interacting as they were in their natural habitat.

“If only everyone could experience encounters such as this in their true environments, then there would be no need to have any animals captive, anywhere.”