Life Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This angry teacher found his stapler encased in jelly on his desk but was able to have a student grab the stapler even though the janitor had schemed the entire prank.

English teacher from Vacaville, California, Ryan Price walked into his classroom to discover his stolen stapler had been submerged in delicious jelly.

Ryan was not feeling in a humorous mood and requested one of his pupils retrieve the stapler from the dessert.

Trying to dispute the point and pointing out that it was the custodian that organised the entire joke, they were still forced to put their hand in the jelly and grab the stapler.

Ryan said: “Honest-to-goodness, my stapler was missing for a week and I couldn’t figure out why.

“I came to work the following Monday and there it was, just sitting on my desk, on a plate, encased in jello.

“I immediately knew who did it: The janitor, he’s always pulling pranks on me.

“I quickly set up the video with my first period class where I blame a student for doing it while the custodian spies through the window, laughing.

“I honestly didn’t think the video would be very popular because it is so clearly a rip-off of the ‘The Office’.