Amazing Life Video

By Alyce Collins


A young girl with alopecia was overjoyed when she received two Barbies without hair which look just like her.

Gianessa Wride, 10, first noticed that her hair was falling out in 2017 while at home in Vineyard, Utah, when she saw large clumps of hair on her brush.

More and more of her hair started to fall out, leading to an eventual diagnosis of alopecia universalis months later.

Gianessa’s mum, Daniella, 32, has seen how alopecia impacts her daily life and the constant battle she faces to feel like her peers.

Gianessa loves playing with Barbies and she couldn’t believe it when she received two bald Barbie dolls as a gift from the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Daniella said: “In January 2017 Gianessa took a shower and then came out and told me that a lot of her hair was coming out in her brush.

“Over the course of a few months she lost her eyebrows and the rest of her body hair. She now has alopecia universalis.

“Her alopecia impacts her every day. Her desire to feel normal is a constant inner battle. She has an obvious and an eye catching distinction, which most people draw attention to.

“When she received those dolls she was so ecstatic! She loves to play with Barbies and the fact that they look just like her has brought so much joy.”