Life Video

By Hannah Phillips


You win some, you dim sum! A noodle bar has created an epic 20-dish food challenge stacked with rice, noodles and spring rolls – but there’s a twist as it ALL has to be eaten only with chopsticks.

If your new year resolutions was to eat better, this 5,000-calorie feast might not be for you as the huge £80 platter, which features egg fried rice, vegetable noodles, teriyaki beef, sweet chilli prawns, caramel drizzle chicken, salt and pepper potatoes and a vegan pumpkin katsu curry, contains nearly TWO DAYS worth of calories for a man.

Chopstix in Manchester is challenging customers to devour the huge feast themselves in celebration of Chinese New Year this weekend, but staff claim nobody has ever managed to finish it.

Manager George Popa, said: “No one has ever completed it, they really struggle especially because it has to be done with chopsticks and using them is a real skill. Not everyone knows how to use them.

“Customers are happy to get the chance to try the challenge but people’s eyes tend to be a bit bigger than their belly.”

One lucky customer who got to tackle the challenge, Lottie Milk, 19, said: “There was a variation of great quality dishes all full of flavour. I was gutted that I was unable to finish all the dishes.

“It took me quite a few attempts to use chopsticks but I eventually got the hang of it. I would challenge anyone to try and finish all 20 as it’s certainly way harder than it looks.”

George said his calorific idea came about through a desire to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Although customers have loved the challenge, nobody has managed to beat it but George admitted it has been entertaining watching competitors struggle with their chopsticks.

He said: “We were looking to celebrate 2020 and Chinese New Year with a brand new challenge.

“It’s the year of the rat which is a year of wealth and prosperity, so we thought we’d challenge people to eat 20 dishes with chopsticks to celebrate.

“It means they get to try every dish on our menu and we even have vegan options.”