Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This ambitious mechanic created his own tank complete with tracks and spud-gun from the tired remains of a digger.

Emile Luijben works on his weird and wonderful creations out of his workshop in Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands.

Firstly, Emile and his assistant strip back the digger to the engine and part of the chassis as they construct their own frame to mount the rest of the tank on.

Emile set to work on the tracks, creating their own wheels, suspension, and plates that are assembled.

All that remains is bolting the plates onto the vehicle and adding a lick of paint to complete the look.

Emile takes the tank out for a spin, scaling muddy terrain and deep water to test the full capabilities of the vehicle.

Emile said: “We do what we like most and hope to inspire other people to start their own projects.

“The ideas just pop into my head, so I keep a list of creations I would like to build, sometimes we just pick one and start building.

“I like disassembling old machinery to find the parts I need to build something completely different.

“I enjoy testing the vehicles most, the test is the climax of the build.”