Life Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A mum-of-three has been left in turmoil after claiming Aldi dog food has infested her entire home with grain mites.

Upon discovering the infestation hidden in dog food, distraught Takita Pyart, 27, found the minuscule creatures – which resemble grains of sand – in everything from her toaster to her daughter’s birthday cake.

First noticing them on the January 2, Takita from Arlington, Shropshire, originally believed it was dust – until she saw the creatures moving in their thousands.

And despite having a new-born baby, Finley, now five weeks old, she says pest control have been unable to terminate them – leaving the mum and her three young children, Finley, Freya, nine and Tyler seven, unable to live in their home almost three weeks.

Takita, a stay at home mum said: “It’s been heart-breaking – I didn’t even know what grain mites were until I noticed the white dust things moving and began researching it.

“They were all across the black kitchen top, hundreds, if not thousands of them.

“I started looking for where they were coming from and I saw that our pack of Aldi Earl Moist and Meaty dog biscuits were absolutely covered in brown dust looking stuff, which was of course hundreds of grain mites clustered together.

“I immediately took the bag outside but when I looked in the cupboards, every single item was infested with the mites.

“All of our Christmas food goodies such as cakes, children’s Thornton chocolate elves, tins of roses, celebrations, etc, the mites had still gotten inside the packaging.

“Everything from my children’s lunch boxes and water bottles had to be binned.

“My new born baby bottles are still in boxes and the steriliser were swarmed in grain mites.

“My daughter, Freya, had her birthday the following day and all her birthday cake and packaged birthday party food was covered too.

“After emptying everything from the kitchen, there was not one single item left in the room.

“We started the cleaning process, we used warm soapy water and bleach (according to the Internet that would kill the mites) and we cleaned that room from morning until 11.30pm the same evening!

“But by the next day the amount of mites had doubled.”

It was at this point, Takita says she contacted Aldi – who she claims offered her only a refund for the dog biscuits.

A day later, she claims they responded again, requesting more details to look into the matter further.

Upon looking into the matter further, Takita claims Aldi offered the family a £50 voucher, upping this to £70 when the family first declined, and as the mites continued, upped this to £100.

However, by January 4, Takita claims that once more the mites were again discovered in the kitchen, this time found inside the kettle and microwave.

Takita said: “We couldn’t accept only £100 – all our electrical goods, our entire kitchen was ruined.

“Pest control, who came out on the January 9, and worked until the 16th couldn’t get rid of them either, and told us we’d have to vacate the premises due to the harsh chemicals used.

“In total, the mites have cost us about £700, and we’ve ended up going to stay with my mother in Wales as we had nowhere else to go.

“It feels like mission impossible to get rid of them – they just keep on multiplying.

“The £100 offered by Aldi won’t even cover the first load of things we lost, let alone had to buy new to replace, the food we had to eat out due to having no kitchen, then to move to temporary accommodation with pest control etc.

“I should have been enjoying the precious first moment making memories but instead it was destroyed by having to clean and get rid of grain mites all because of a pack of Aldi dog biscuits.

“I still have grain mites, and the pest control is continuing – it’s a living nightmare.”

Aldi have been approached for comment.