Animals Video

By Hayley Pugh


An animal lover has treated her pets to an extraordinary pamper session – complete with face masks, manicures and hot stone massages.

As this incredible footage shows, the animals – including a miniature horse and a micro pig – all remain absolutely still and perfectly tranquill as they enjoy their well-deserved treat thanks to owner, Emma Massingale.

Emma, a professional horse trainer from Holsworthy, North Devon, can be seen filing the claws of Louis the cat and Inca the Dachshund, while Luigi the micro pig gets a hot stone massage and a warm bubble bath complete with shower cap.

Percy the miniature horse can be seen having his hair styled and a facial before his tired hooves are treated to a long soak in rose petal infused water.

Nancy the Dalmatian also dips her paws into the soothing foot spa.

The pampered pets clearly enjoyed every minute as they lay wrapped in fluffy towels with cool cucumbers covering their eyes and face masks on.

Everything Emma uses is animal friendly and completely safe for her beloved pets.

The 37-year-old said: “It’s just a really nice way to bond with the animals.

“We get so much from our pets I just thought it would be a nice idea to give something back.

“I have had them all from babies so they are all used to each other.

“They are very relaxed in my company and each other’s company too and they’re also used to my crazy ideas which helps.

“Winter is quite a depressing time anyway and I just thought why not give them a little treat.

“They all thoroughly enjoyed it, I just set up a little space in my office, put some towels and bean bags down and got to work.

“They loved it. Luigi is actually surprisingly agile and he jumped straight in the bath as soon as he saw it.”