By Jack Mobley


When this father woke up, he discovered a trail of white paint leading through the house to the garage – and was instantly concerned for his car.

Aaron Clark’s worst fears were realised when he was told by his wife that their toddler son, Cassius, 3, had covered the house, the dog, and his prized vehicle in latex paint.

Video filmed the day after Thanksgiving 2019, shows Aaron, from Jefferson City, Missouri, detailing “what it’s like to have kids”, as he shows the scale of the damage caused by little Cassius.

The door and door knob were completely covered, one side of the car was almost entirely white and even Alaskan Malamute, Lana, didn’t escape unscathed.

Fortunately, with a bit of hot water and elbow grease, Aaron was able to get the paint off and restore everything back to normal, but it took him a full two hours.

“I was actually asleep, my wife discovered it, instantly burst into tears and ran upstairs to wake me up screaming “AARON AARON, CASSIUS PAINTED ALL OVER YOUR CAR!”

“I run out to the garage and my heart sinks; I thought, for sure, my car was ruined – there was so much paint.”

“As I was documenting it, my wife started to clean up the kitchen and Cash [Cassius], who was covered head-to-toe in white paint,” he continued.

“It came off [the car] easily but still took two hours to get most of it; the hardest parts to clean were the tires and wheels.

“At first I was shocked and devastated.

“I realised my son wasn’t trying to destroy my car; he probably was thinking he was helping or doing something good”.