Animals Video

By Neo Bye


Carrying heavy shopping home is no trouble for this dog owner who lets his helpful dog carry some of the bags in his mouth.

Security researcher Nadav Lorber, 25, from Tel Aviv, Israel, often takes his six-year-old golden retriever, Simba, to work with him and he loves to help out when he can.

Nadav first noticed that Simba liked to carry his own lead in his mouth and walk himself, and from there came the idea to see if Simba could put his skills to good use.

Simba has managed to carry up to three shopping bags before, but Nadav believes he could carry even more than that if required, although if he is carrying quite a heavy amount then he wouldn’t be able to get as far.

Nadav said: “Simba is six years old and is a pure golden retriever.

“He is a very unique and special dog, he is highly intelligent and know how to express his emotions.

“It all started with him carrying his leash, so after that, everything that you give him he considers it his property and carries it around.

“He carried three bags at once, but I think he is able to do much more. The more it weighs, the less he will travel with it.”