Life Nature Video

By Jessica Testa


This is the heart stopping moment an Australian town braced themselves as a terrifying dust cloud swept across the sky.

Farm Manager David Motley, 45, from Nyngan, New South Wales, Australia, saw the cloud approaching yesterday [16 JAN] following a dry thunderstorm.

When he first saw the cloud approaching, David said he began to feel a range of emotions from fear to excitement – with the area having experienced another less severe dust storm the week before.

The father added that the dust cloud, which lingered for a full 30 minutes, made it difficult to breathe.

He said: “I could see dark clouds and then red dust started to appear and from there it took all in its path.

“I thought, ‘not again’, but this was the worst one we’ve had.

“Dust is a funny thing as it seems to get into your head after a while.

“Dust storms this severe seem to almost have a heartbeat.

“It is hard because we know they are causing damage to the land that we are here to look after.”