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By Charlotte Nisbet

A stunning personal trainer has been targeted by online hackers after they deleted her Instagram account with 21,000 followers.

Frankie, who is known as Tinker-Taylor online, was left unable to login into her social media account last Wednesday, January 8.

At first, she had no idea her Instagram account had been hacked but after numerous attempts to login, she realised her password had been changed.

Frankie, who used her public platform to document her recovery with anorexia, then says she was blackmailed by the hackers via email who demanded £500 in order for her to have her account back.

Frankie used her public platform to document her recovery with anorexia.

Frankie used her public platform to document her recovery with anorexia.

Despite claiming that she has contacted Instagram on numerous occasions, Frankie says she hasn’t once heard back.

She is now sharing her story to warn others of the dangers of fraudulent activity online and is hoping others will do more to protect their social accounts – such as two factor authentication.

Frankie, from London, who is set to lose up to £1000 per month in sponsorship due to losing her following, said: “I never imagined this type of thing would happen to me.

“I should have protected my Instagram account more but I only had just over 20k followers and assumed hackers would target accounts with a much larger following.

“I first started my Instagram account in 2016 as I was recovering from my second relapse from anorexia.

“I wanted to document my recovery online so I started sharing photos of myself and helping others through similar situations.

“It was like a diary and over the past four years I have steadily increased my following to over 20k.

“I have since become a personal trainer and although I don’t have specialist qualifications in coaching other through other mental disorders, I have helped dozens of people by sharing my experiences.

“I have been in floods of tears over my Instagram being hacked last week and this was mainly because of the personal relationships I formed with so many people.

“But I will not let it ruin the start to my year and I’m confident I’ll get my following to higher than it was before.

“I have lost a lot of sponsorship deals due to the hackers which totals up to around £1000 per month but I’m thankful to all of my influencer friends who have spread the word about my account being targeted.

“I’m also pleased that I have my clients who I personal train and that the money earned through my social sites isn’t my sole income.”

Frankie has now set up a new Instagram account called ‘tinkertaylorx’ after her original handle, ‘tinkertaylor’ was hacked.

The personal trainer believes her account will be sold on.

She added: “I was shocked when I received an email from the hackers asking for £500 to be paid via Bitcoin.

“I had no intention of paying them, after all, I didn’t even know if they had access to my account.

“I do keep checking the handle ‘tinkertaylor’ as once the account is sold on, I’m hoping I might be able to get my original name back.

“I’ve got almost 900 followers on my new account and I believe this was just a hurdle in the road.

“We’ve informed the fraud team from the police but we haven’t heard from them since last week.”

Frankie has battled with her mental health since she was a teenager and says that despite her stressful week that she’s in a great place.

She added: “I have done everything I can to try and resolve the problem and although it’s a hard lesson to learn,  I’m a good head space at the moment and I have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline.

“I’m just cracking on with life and I’m taking each day in my stride.”

Instagram have been contacted for a right of reply.