Offbeat Video

By Chris Jaffray


Revenge is a dish best served TROLLED! A disgruntled ex-Cineworld worker is trolling his former employers in a hilarious way – by paying back his holiday pay at £1 a month with the reference ‘Odeon is better’.

Prankster Darren Dowling parted company with Cineworld in 2017 after three years working for the chain, handing in his notice via Moonpig card when he got a new job.

But while the 23-year-old videographer suspected his employers wouldn’t be happy at the move, he was shocked when he claims they suddenly told him he owed the company £211 in holiday pay.

And Darren, from Glasgow, claims when he refused to stump up the cash he was told he’d be banned from all Cineworld outlets going forward.

Deciding to compromise, the joker offered to pay the money back at a rate of £1 per month – meaning in 17 years he’ll be able to watch Cineworld’s new releases once more – but with the direct debit reference ‘Odeon is better’.

Videographer Darren, known as Dazza, said: “A lot of companies don’t want you to move on to other jobs but I feel I made light of the situation.

“I sent my resignation letter in a Moonpig card, and I don’t think they liked that.

“But the holiday pay thing just came out of nowhere.

“I’ve no idea why they agreed to let me pay it at £1 a month, I guess they thought it’d go on forever otherwise.

“The direct debit reference says Odeon is better, and I really like that somewhere on their system it says ‘Odeon is better’.

Darren also filmed a hilarious video revealing the reasons behind his prank.

He added: “It’s going to be great in 17 years – the last day when it’s paid I’ll go in and be like ‘I’ve paid it off can I come in’.

“Cineworld probably won’t even exist by then.”

Cineworld has been approached for comment.