Animals Video

By Neo Bye


This clumsy pet raccoon is always trying to jump and play in strange places but it rarely goes well, as shown in this amusing video.

The footage, filmed by Vera Kravets in Kaliningrad, Russia, shows ten-month-old Rich the raccoon attempting to climb from his owner’s toilet to the top of the washing machine.

Unfortunately, the valiant attempt ends in failure, with a sheepish Rich giving up on his endeavour after falling onto the bathroom floor.

According to Vera, the bathroom is his favourite place and, ever since they brought him home from the farm, he’s enjoyed “playing and sleeping in the sink”.

It turns out he’s not great at the whole climbing and jumping thing either.

Vera said: “He is really awkward – almost all the time.

“He can fall from the bed, or he can miss the bath, for instance, when trying to jump on it”.