Offbeat Video

By Joseph McFarlane


This is the moment a kilt-wearing strongman threw a hefty pony keg 35 ft in the air, breaking a world record.

The video, filmed at the Utah Scottish Fest shows sales professional and Highland Games legend, Spencer Tyler, 36, tossing the barrel over what looks like a pole vault bar, beating the previous world record of 31ft.

Pre-dating the modern Olympic games, Scotland’s Highland Games are a celebration of all things Scottish and Celtic, with bagpipes, kilts and caber tossing all featuring heavily.

Many of the most popular events at the games have a common theme – the competitors have to be extremely powerful and strong and be good at chucking stuff.

The games have gone global in recent years, with people of Scottish heritage and those who just like throwing heavy things, competing to be crowned champions in their respective sports.

Spencer, from New Braunfels, Texas, USA, is number one in the world, and holds five records out of a possible nine events.

Other videos online, filmed all over the United States, show him hurling an array of heavy objects over great distances, including a 20 lb sheaf.

“The heaviest weight I have thrown would be the Portland Stone at 98 lbs,” he said.

“The keg toss can be hard, due to grip issues; the hand holes can be very small, with a large handle, but the weight is okay at 30 lbs.

“Success is one of the greatest feelings on the planet.

“Being able to set [records] and achieve a goal is incredibly rewarding”.