Animals Video

By Mollie Mansfield


A naughty cat caused her owner over £15,000 worth of damage in their house after she turned the tap on overnight and flooded the downstairs.

Whilst Amber and Joe Fauser were sleeping, they believed their one-year-old cat Eve was doing the same in the laundry room.

However, when Joe, 25, woke up for work as a security guard the next morning at 6am he was greeted by pools of water flooding the entirety of the downstairs of the house in Adelaide, South Aus.

Quickly going to check on the cat, Joe found Eve sat on top of the washing machine and the attached laundry tap on full blast causing a stream of water to fill the room.

Desperate to fix the damage done to their home the couple took the day off of work and called local tradesmen to help dry out the house – however little did they know that the eight hours worth of flooding would leave them with £15,700 [$30,000 AUD] of repairs.

Now the couple have installed baby locks across their house to stop their naughty cat from doing any future damage.

Amber, a 22-year-old student, said: “My husband and I went to bed at about 10pm and we had put Eve in the laundry room to sleep, as we have done for the past year.

“Around 6am the next morning Joe woke up for work, he went out of our room to get his uniform and was greeted by water almost at our front door.

“He quickly went to find the source of where it was coming from and found Eve on top of the washing machine with the laundry tap on full blast and the tap had been been pushed so that it was looking directly at the ground.

“We knew it was Eve straight away because she is always causing havoc and playing with things because the Bengal in her makes her super curious.

“We then had to call up Joe’s work and my uni to inform them we wouldn’t be in today as we dealt with the aftermaths of Eve.”

After calling local tradesmen and their insurance company, the pair quickly found out just how much damage their little cat had done.

Amber said: “We hired a flood emergency services team.

“It took the whole day for them to dry the house as they had to suck up as much excess water as possible, rip up our floor boards and some of our carpet and placed 30 different dryers and humidifiers in the house which stayed there for seven days and made our electricity bill sky rocket.

“But we had only moved into our new house three months prior, so we did whatever we had to to save it.

“It cost $16100 to dry the house out, $10000 to replace all of our brand new carpeting and wooden flooring, $1000 in electricity bills from having the dryers and humidifiers running all day for seven days.

“The team who restored our house said it was between $30-$40k worth of damage.

“To make sure this doesn’t happen again we bought child safety locks and we aren’t letting Eve into the laundry room anymore.

“We bought her an outdoor enclosure with access to the garage and only let them roam the house when someone is home and awake!”