By Joe McFarlane


A police officer captured the moment a colleague was chased on top of a squad car by an angry pet pig.

Though Darren Derby is a 20-year veteran of the police force and seen a lot in his time, one strange event during a routine patrol really took the bacon.

While out on patrol in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Darren spotted fellow officer Brenna Dorr being bothered by a runaway pig.

Forcefully nudging and pushing against her legs, Brenna was forced to hop onto the bonnet of her car in order to avoid the angry pig.

Darren said: “The house-trained family pot-bellied pig found a way out of its back yard and was wandering the streets one early morning.

“The pig was quite friendly according to the owner, but not when it’s hungry.

“We were eventually able to locate the owner and secure it in the outdoor pen.

“Since then, we have dealt with the pig at least a dozen times because it’s keeps on escaping.”