Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A grumpy Bulldog didn’t look impressed with his Christmas look as he pulled a moody face while wearing lights and antlers.

For many people, the festive period can be an exhausting time, and for Harvey, the eight-year-old English Bulldog, the grumpy canine is clearly already over it.

While cleaning up her home in Goshen, New York, Katherine Craig, 37, decided to dress Harvey up in order to get the moody pooch into the spirit.

Complete with antlers on his head and flashing lights, Harvey was having none of it as he pulled a long face at the camera.

Katherine said: “I interrupted Harvey’s pre-bedtime nap by trying to dress him up for Christmas.

“After I got home from work and everyone was relaxing while I was cleaning up, Harvey seemed to be exhausted from his day of sleeping so I tried to cheer him up!”