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By Joe McFarlane


A foster cat was rudely awoken by a happy dog’s wagging tail in adorable video.

When Bailey Howington, 27, brought three-month-old foster kitten Waffle into her home in Madison, Wisconsin, her main concern was how the little kitty would get along with Rhae, the six-year-old Labrador mix.

While Waffle well in love with Rhae, the pooch was indifferent to the cat’s presence in her home, which may explain Rhae’s lack of concern when wagging her tail in Waffles face.

During a pleasant Thanksgiving nap, Waffle was rudely awoken by Rhae’s long tail smacking her in the face in a hilarious video caught by Bailey.

Waffle had to physically grab Rhae’s tail in order to stop the unwanted alarm clock.

Bailey said: “Waffles had just come into my care a few days prior to the video, so I had been nervous about how they would get along.

“Rhae is indifferent, but Waffles cat her. He follows her everywhere, plays with her ears and her tail, and likes to sleep on her when she lets him.

“The US has a huge pet overpopulation problem, roughly 1.5 million animals are euthanized in shelters each year, so both Waffle and Rhae are from rescue organisations.

“Rhae is my permanent pet that I adopted several years ago. Waffles is a foster Kitten, which essentially means that he stays in my home until the rescue organisation finds someone to adopt him.”