By Lucy Harvey


These incredible images show stunning sunset silhouettes as you’ve never seen them before.

Taken by photographer Mitesh Patil, 22, the incredible visual illusions show a man appearing to carry the sun on his back and in another shot, the sun as a lightbulb.

Mitesh took the photos in Dahanu, Maharashtra state in western India.

In one shot Mitesh appears to feed the sun as a piece of sushi into the mouth of a nearby pal.

Overwhelmed with the beauty of his shots, Mitesh said: “I love silhouettes taken during a sunset so that’s when I take most of my photos.

“I love all my photos and it’s difficult to pick out a personal favourite. I. Know how hard I’ve worked to execute the idea and how happy I get when I actually see the photo.

“The best time to photograph a sunset is half-an-hour before and after the sunset. Fifteen minutes before the sunset is the time for a perfect golden yellow and orange colour.

“These times may vary depending on the weather. For example if the environment is hazy the sun sets ten minutes before it touches the horizon.

“I only get a few minutes to get a perfect shot. If I miss the moment than obviously I have to wait until another day.

“I receive many messages all over the world in appreciation of my art. It feels so good to read them and I try to reply them all. I don’t understand how to express my gratitude towards people. Because of them I’m still going and performing better every day.”