Life Offbeat Video

By Mollie Mansfield


A crafty mother-of-one spent five hours covering her sons entire bedroom in wrapping paper – and blamed it on his ‘elf on the shelf’.

Having used the ‘elf on the shelf’ to entertain her son during the festive period for three years now, Charlotte Preston, 27, decided she had to step her daily pranks up.

Knowing she had to prove to her eight-year-old son, Conrad, that his elves, Noelle and Buddy, are watching to track his behaviour on the lead up to Christmas, Charlotte searched for creative ideas.

Having seen someone who had wrapped their Christmas tree for the same reason, Charlotte, from Barrowford, Lancashire, decided to step it up a level and wrap up her sons entire bedroom.

The prank, which took five hours and five rolls of wrapping paper, left Conrad shocked and on his best behaviour up until Christmas Day.

Charlotte, a receptionist, said: “I saw a tree covered in wrapping paper that someone had done and blamed on their elf on the shelf, so I knew I had to give it a go myself.

“Because Conrad is currently having his bedroom decorated, a lot of the furniture was already out of the way, so myself and my brother decided to wrap it up.

“It took us a total of five hours, one broken tape dispenser and cost £7 due to us using five rolls of wrapping paper.

“I have definitely outdone myself in comparison to the other years I have done this – it was definitely the most extreme!”