Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto


A scuba diver was filmed calmly ‘walking’ on a tightrope tied to the two ends of a submerged yacht in a stunning underwater video.

Lucas Meta is a dive guide from Papua New Guinea, and earlier this year, he was filmed balancing on a submerged rope one mile off the coast of New Britain, one of the country’s biggest islands.

According to American photographer George Paul, 62, who filmed the spectacular footage, the rope was 30-metres-long and ran from the front to the rear of a huge yacht named Oceania.

Despite the 39-year-old Lucas appearing to be walking calmly and steadily, George said the rope was deployed as a safety measure against the strong currents that had suddenly began to sweep the water.

George said: “I was surfacing from a dive with a particularly strong current, and as I approached the boat to make my safety stop, I looked behind me to make sure my wife was safe.

“As I turned around, I saw that Lucas was walking along the line that the boat had deployed to make it easier for divers to avoid being swept away by the current.

“I was immediately struck by the scene.

“I had never seen such a thing so I began to film.

“When I returned and looked at the video, I came to realise that the little film was a metaphor of sorts.

“Lucas, the native Papuan dive guide, was walking a tightrope, just as our species is walking a tightrope.

“Ocean systems not only provide food but also largely control our climate, and thus control the fate of our civilisation.

“During the next 30 years mankind must do everything it can to save our ecosystems.”