By Lucy Notarantonio


A heartwarming letter from a six-year-old to Santa has been shared online after it detailed how he wanted nothing but ‘time with his family’ this Christmas.

Mum-of-two Rachael Lowe, 35, was shocked to find her son Ben’s Christmas list wasn’t filled with toys but a heart melting request instead.

Little Ben kept it short and sweet by saying ‘this year I would like to spend time with my family’.

The stay-at-home mum says she instantly started crying.

Rachael, from Sheffield, said: “Ben asked me to check for any spelling mistakes before I sent it off to ‘Santa’.

“I burst into tears because I couldn’t believe how sweet it was.

“He asked me, why am I crying? And I just gave him a big hug.

“Ben lives at home with me, his brother Samuel, three and his dad Michael, 33.

“By the time Ben has ate his dinner and bathed, it is almost time for bed meaning he only spends a couple of hours with his dad who returns home from work after five.

“He is a great kid and doesn’t ask for much, he loves to play board games with the family.

“His letter melted my heart, he is grateful for everything he has and hasn’t asked for anything.”