Life Video

By Neo Bye


A lucky skater snapped his ankle at a 90-degree angle after falling off his board but managed not to break it.

Paolo Sestini was boarding in a new skatepark in Florence, Italy, on October 26 when he tried to land a 50-50 flip down a rail.

After 70 failed attempts, the 20-year-old student gave it one last go and set off down the obstacle.

Flicking the board into the air, it lands upside down and Paolo’s left foot buckles in a sickening way underneath him, leaving him needing to be hospitalised.

Paolo said: “The pain was deep and I couldn’t get over it at first.

“I immediately realised that I had injured myself very badly.

“My ankle tendon stretched, so I had to stay in the bed for more than a month.

“My foot swelled to the size of a tennis ball.”