Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This adorable pup loves to constantly run and jump into her owner’s arms whenever she calls her.

Martyna Bozentka, from Myslowice, Poland, has had her Aussie Shepherd, Rosa, for 11 weeks and since the first week she has loved to leap into her arms.

One day in her apartment, the 23-year-old student managed to capture the adorable moment as Rosa scrambles toward her before jumping into her lap.

Despite Martyna picking her up and putting her to one side, Rosa turns around and jumps on again, looking like one of the happiest pups in the world.

Martyna said: “Rosa does this whenever I open my arms ever since she was a week old.

“I feel so happy and proud whenever she does this.

“One needs to be careful with puppies running and jumping, you can’t allow them too much as it is bad for their joints.”