Animals Video

 By David Aspinall

This fearful feline proved he is not as cool as a cucumber after running away from the fearsome fruit.

Showing that cats don’t just hate being ambushed by the green salad, Pablo the mischievous moggy clearly hates looking at them head on.

As the six-month-old kitten plays on a cat tree along with pal Peaches, he keeps batting at the cucumber perched on a higher platform. 

Hooking a claw in the salad food, Pablo drags it on top of himself before escaping swiftly through an open doorway into the garden at home in Galway, Ireland.

Owner Jason Fallon said: “I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when Pablo leapt away.

“Just the previous week a friend of mine told me about his cats being afraid of cucumbers thing, so like any good owner I tried it out.

“Neither took much notice until I left it on their climbing frame and the rest is history.

“Pablo and Peaches are always getting themselves in antics like this, ever since they were kittens.”