Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


A fat cat became really grumpy when a dog tried to play with him while lying on his back.

Chunky kitty Harvey was enjoying a snooze in owner Lacy Dagerath’s backyard in Houston, Texas, on November 28, when housemate Blu decided to distract him.

Clearly full from a Thanksgiving feast, Harvey – named after the hurricane he was rescued from -didn’t take kindly to the attention from the Australian Shepherd and tried to bat him away.

However, due to his full tummy, Harvey could barely reach the canine intruder and just had to bear his teeth instead.

Lacy said: “Blu’s instinct is to herd, so he naturally tries to herd everything.

“Whether that is people, ankles or Harvey.

“He also loves to snuggle with Harvey, but he is still a puppy so he’s learning what ‘no’ means.

“As soon as the herding began, Harvey told Blu where to go.”