Life Video

By Jack Mobley


This father serving in the Middle East was able to receive messages from his Ring doorbell back in the states including some loving words from his children.

Peter Decrans, 39, served as a Major in the Minnesota Army National Guard and now operates as a teacher at his local high school in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

Peter was deployed in UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for the third time in September 2018 for 10 months, returning back to the USA in July 2019.

During his time away from his family, there was a Ring doorbell installed which allowed for Peter to see how front porch with the camera.

Peter’s children, Zerick, seven, and Peteoula, five, regularly spoke to the camera to tell their dad about their day and how much they missed him.

Peter was then able to send videos back for his kids to watch, bringing them closer together despite the distance.

Peter said: “My father in law had the idea for my children to leave messages for myself using the ring doorbell.

“The kids then started leaving me messages daily before going to school in the morning.

“I loved getting these messages, it was the highlight of my day.

“With the different time zones and schedules, it was difficult to be able to talk to my kids often.

“I would watch their message their messages and then send videos back for them to watch.”