Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


One young baboon left a river red faced after making a dramatic splash in a hilarious fail video.

While wildlife cinematographer Timothy John Jansen Van Vuuren, 28, was watching a troop of baboons trying to cross the Sand River in the MalaMala Game Reserve, South Africa, one youngster caught his eye.

While recording, the Chacma baboon’s energy caused them to hilariously land face first into the river, causing Timothy and the reserves’ guests to laugh out loud.

Timothy said: “Baboons are often very cautious of crossing rivers as they know crocodiles reside there.

“They are not particularly fond of water and try to keep their appendages dry even if it is just a hand or a foot.

“Sometimes the water doesn’t really phase the older baboons as they have more experience with it. The young ones try to get across as quickly as possible.

“In this instance, the river was quite low, so the baboons were able to see that there were no crocodiles, it was more of a case of trying to keep dry which didn’t turn out so well for one individual in particular.

“I didn’t quite expect it at all, it’s funny enough seeing them walk so strangely.

“The one that fell in the water was an adolescent and I think it was just purely inexperience with the soft sand and jumping over the river.

“It was something so unexpected and so human-like and I think that’s why baboons are funny in general, it’s because they share so many mannerisms and behavioural traits with us humans.”