Amazing Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

This man spent nearly three months constructing a 22 foot Olaf sculpture with amazing results.

In the winter of 2015, Ben Willingdorf, 25, began compiling the basic structure of what will become giant Olaf in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.

Ben began by taking large amounts of snow and forming huge blocks of snow that would become the basis of the sculpting.

Once the snow was built and set, Ben set to sculpting the iconic character beginning with the head.

The towering figure began to take shape as Ben made his way from top to bottom, rounding off the edges.

All that was left was to add the props, Ben scoured a nearby forest for the perfect branches and then custom made buttons and carrot nose from left over sleeping bags and cushions.

The response was overwhelming with thousands coming to see the magical attraction.

Ben said: “I was walking around town and didn’t see one snowman, so I felt like if I made something big and impressive it would potentially inspire people.

“It took me about 3 months, it melted twice in the process.

“Over 15 000 visited the snowman within a week (the snowman only lasted for a week before melting).”