Life Video

By Hollie Bone


An alcoholic who spent a decade trying to kick his drinking habit and is now unrecognisable has revealed his incredible transformation pictures to mark three years sober.

Recovering addict Kenny Dunn, 37, from Vancouver in Washington state, USA, started drinking heavily in college and struggled to stop even after he met his wife, Julie, 41, and after the birth of their only son, Parker, 11.

The railway engineer would spend every day getting drunk, polishing off 20 beers a day and sometimes even hiding boxes of wine in his family bathroom, where he would lock himself in and drink the lot.

But in November 2016, after waking up from another blind-drunk episode, the dad-of-one swore to change his ways and took a selfie- of his haggard face as proof he had to change.

Now, three years on, Kenny said he is a better father and husband and looks and feels like a completely different person – as well as saving more than £13,000 he would’ve spent on booze.

He said: “I kept drinking without intending to get drunk – I usually set out only to have one or two but I always ended up drinking closer to 20 and I would always have to go out to get more.

“I had a compelling desire to get drunk and I had no control over it. I remember one night I had 19 beers in three hours but I had no intention of drinking that many, it was almost as if someone else was driving my actions.

“I knew then that I had no control and I needed help.

“It makes me feel tremendous to look at those photos, I still can’t believe the change in myself. The pictures are completely genuine, I’m not faking anything, the smile is real and the light coming back into my eyes is real.

“It’s the hardest thing I have been through in my life but it’s also the most rewarding.”

Kenny started drinking heavily when he was a college student, but admitted the real problem started when he lost 150lbs weight, dropping from 350lbs to 200lbs.

Two years after meeting his wife in December 2007, Kenny’s drinking started to become a daily problem, and Julie pleaded with him to get a grip of the addiction.

Now Kenny has lost another 75lbs, and saved $16,800 USD over the last three years from quitting the drink, recently affording him the chance to splash out on a big screen TV.

Marking his incredible transformation over the last three years, Kenny took photos of himself at one day, two weeks, one month, three months, six months and then each year sober.

In his final night drunk, Kenny filmed himself vowing he would stop, adding that it was a ‘sickness’ stopping him from being a good father or husband and has never shown anyone the footage until today.

He said: “I sometimes still go back and watch that video, and it’s hard to look at.

“Now I’m the father and husband I always wanted to be. My family isn’t afraid of me like they used to be.

“I was unpredictable and I would have a temper when I was drunk- I would yell and black out.

“That was the hardest thing to handle because I didn’t have any control over my own behaviour but I was still responsible for my actions.

“I never got into any trouble with the police but I would wake up from a blackout to my wife weeping.

“I would wake up in the bathroom or on the floor in the house or even on the stairs and have no idea what had happened.

“It was horrifying.”

After reaching out to a friend and former alcoholic, Kenny enrolled on a 12 step programme which he still attends today.

Now, the sober dad just takes each day as it comes but believes he will never touch another drop of alcohol ever again.

He said: “It’s completely different now, I’m a completely different person, the recovery has changed my life.

“My relationship has improved so much and I’m so proud of my son, he’s so good at everything he does and everything he tries to do.

“He does all these things and if I was still drinking I wouldn’t be able to be there for him and support.

“I intend to never drink again but we take each day at a time. My entire life revolves around recovery and because of that I believe I won’t do it again.”