Life Video

By Mollie Mansfield


A mother-of-two has dropped almost 10 stone after being ‘too fat’ to ride a rollercoaster so she could have fun with her children.

After Catherine Galli, 34, was told she was over the weight limit for a rollercoaster she was attempting to ride with her daughter, she was left feeling embarrassed and disheartened.

The very next day Catherine, who weighed 18.5 stone, signed up to a gym in a bid to reach the goal weight at the amusement park, but couldn’t maintain a workout routine.

After months of trying, Catherine turned to the Isagenix diet where she used meal replacement shakes and regular healthy meals to help her drop 9.7 stone.


Now, Catherine, a stay-at-home mum, is able to ride rollercoasters with her two daughters without worrying that she will ‘break the ride’.

Catherine, from Long Island, New York, said: “In February 2016 I took my daughters to a theme park and they were so excited to go on their first rollercoasters.

“I was nervous the entire journey wondering if I’d be able to fit on the rides, whilst they were in the back really excited.

“I had always been scared that – due to my size – I would break any chair that I sat on, but breaking a rollercoaster was a new kind of fear.

“When we walked up to the rides I decided to read the sign in front of it, and this is when I was told that I was over the weight limit for the ride.

“I had to stand and tell my daughters that ‘Mummy couldn’t go on the ride because she was too heavy’, and from that moment I knew I needed to change.”

Desperate to shift the pounds so she could have fun with her daughters in the future, Catherine quickly signed up for a gym – but with no avail.

She said: “I joined a gym the next day, but after a couple of months it was giving me no results.

“We had gone on another family vacation and I was disgusted by what I saw when I put a bathing suit on – I closed the bedroom door and told no one to look at me.

“The next day I decided to order my first Isagenix box with meal replacement shakes and worked to create a sustainable lifestyle of healthy choices.

“I got into a habit when I was obese where I would skip breakfast and lunch because I was too focused on looking after my kids, that when I would get the chance to eat, I would binge eat until I was full.

“Being an overweight person, I was always worried that dieting would cause me to be really hungry so I started to eat often, but healthy meals.

“I was also encouraged to go to the gym for 30 minutes a day, so made sure I did that every morning.”

Now, three years on, Catherine has been able to shift over half of her body weight and has been able to enjoy rollercoasters with her daughters at last.

She said: “Finally I was able to take my daughters to Disney World and not be scared that my weight would restrict me from having fun.

“I got to go on any rollercoaster I wanted to with my girls and sit next to them like a normal family.

“It all feels so worth it because I am finally not afraid of my weight anymore and I’m allowed to create memories with my kids.

“I will continue to keep up with my healthy lifestyle and mindset now so that I can be the best role model possible for my girls.”




BREAKFAST – Nothing.

LUNCH – Nothing.

DINNER – Ribs, vegetables, rice.

SNACK – Banana bread, large whipped cream coffee.




BREAKFAST – High protein Isagenix shake.

LUNCH – Lettuce wraps with tuna, avocado and peppers.

DINNER – Taco bowl.

SNACK – Egg muffin with turkey bacon and vegetables, almond butter on rice cake.