Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


Believing herself to be all alone, an office worker decided to record herself farting, only to be caught out by a hidden co-worker in an embarrassing viral video.

As Anja Gridley was working away at Appleton Alliance Church, Appleton, Wisconsin, on November 13, she watched as two of her fellow employees left the room, realising now was the time she had been waiting for.

Believing herself to be the only one remaining in the office, Anja recorded herself letting rip with a loud fart.

However, as Anja slowly turned in her chair a silent and shocked face could be seen in the background of her phone recording.

To Anja’s dismay she was not the only one in the room to hear her rip-roaring fart, as colleague David was stirred from his work by the rumble in the room.

Anja said: “David is our video producer. He often is very quiet when he is heavy into editing. The fart was loud enough to turn his head at the right time.”

Anja also received another shock when her team’s video went viral.

“The tears of laughter have vastly outweighed all other comments and this brings us much joy.

“We knew it was going to be a hit, but the velocity of its exposure surprised all of us.

“Our goal is to engage in an online community through humour and relatable life situations.”