Life Video

By Mollie Mansfield


A mother-of-one who woke up being unable to STAND due to being so overweight has dropped nine stone in order to walk again.

Despite spending her entire life yo-yo dieting, Jessica Mull never found a routine that she could stick to in order to keep off the weight and ended up weighing over 18 stone.

Putting her son, Jacob, six, before herself, Jessica, 38, gravitated towards quick microwaveable meals and only exercising when he wanted to play, but would experience bad foot pain when doing so.

Then, one morning, Jessica woke up with excruciating pain in her feet  – to the point where she could not walk or stand.

After an appointment at the doctors and steroid shots in her feet, Jessica was diagnosed with severe plantar fasciitis – an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes – due to being overweight.

Quickly, Jessica, a fitness instructor, decided to turn her life and lose half her body weight, now weighing only nine stone, so that she could walk again and, within four-and-a-half-months, was back on her feet and able to play with her son.

Jessica, from Lafayette Hill, Philadelphia, said: “I spent my life since I was a teenager yo-yo dieting and trying different workouts, but I couldn’t stick to anything.

“After years I decided to quit the gym and workout at home, but that never happened.

“So my only exercise would be playing with my son, and even doing that would make my feet hurt and it hard to stand.

“One day I woke up and couldn’t even stand or walk anywhere because my feet hurt so much and when I went to the doctor’s that morning they told me it was because of my weight.

“My mum had just started a new health program with Isagenix so I decided to try with her and within four-and-a-half-months I was back on my feet again.

“Now I go running, go to the gym every day and can play with my son whenever he wants.”

Shortly after her sons birth, Jessica began to slowly forget about herself and any attempt at a ‘healthy lifestyle’ she had previously had.

She said: “I was always gravitating towards anything that was quick and easy so that I could spend more time fussing over Jacob.

“I would always skip breakfast as I was busy getting him ready for the day and would just throw something in the microwave for lunch and dinner.

“In between meals I would always reach for cheese fries as they were my weakness and were a very easy thing to make or pick up from a fast food chain.

“And instead of drinking water I would have at least six bottles of Diet Coke a day – which, as it’s ‘Diet’ I would brand to myself as healthy.

“Even though I started going to the gym, I ended up stopping and telling myself I’d work out from home – which never happened.

“I was always so tired from running around and looking after Jacob that I’d try to count that as my daily exercise.

“But luckily, when I was given my diagnosis, I was forced to change what I ate and my general lifestyle.”

Jessica explains that despite her diet changing since starting her new plan, her mindset has changed also.

She said: “I finally had reason to lose weight because I couldn’t let my son look at me like this.

“My son constantly powered me to keep going – he was my “why” when deciding I had to change – but my mindset also changed and I was focused on being happy and healthy to continue playing with him and watching him grow.

“As soon as I was told I could start exercising again after I had lost weight, I signed up for my first 5K and managed to complete it with ease, and soon after completed a 10K Tough Mudder.

“I also allow myself to make healthy home-cooked meals now instead of grabbing for what’s quick and easy so that my family all eat fresh food.”






LUNCH: Microwaveable meal.

DINNER: Microwaveable meal.

SNACKS: Cheese fries, six bottles of Diet Coke, nachos.




BREAKFAST: Banana and Isagenix protein shake.

LUNCH: Isagenix protein shake.

DINNER: Chicken thighs, cauliflower rice risotto, brussel sprouts.

SNACKS: Strawberries, shrimp and avocado salad.